• “Melissa is a wealth of knowledge.  Not only did I work hard every session but I also learned so much with each one.  She puts in the time to create a good tailored workout for my specific needs/wants.  I learned new strength exercises.  I tried a track workout and I had never done that before. She has a way of motivating and encouraging you along the way but not in an annoying way.  I look forward to improving my overall fitness with her help.”

  • IMG_0704

    “If you have any interest in participating in a triathlon either for the first time, or the tenth time, then Melissa Lewis’ TriNow Triathlon & Fitness training program will prepare you to perform your best.”

    Fall 2010
  • IMG_1165

    “I was well prepared both mentally and physically for this race! I was able to enjoy it and do my best. I crushed my personal goal, which is a very good feeling. Thank you Coach Melissa!”

    Fall 2010
  • Cyndi headshot_1

    The best thing I have ever done for my fitness approach is work with Melissa Lewis at TriNow. I was in an exercise rut. I was biking and running on my own but had basically flat-lined in my fitness level. I had never done a swim workout in a pool and was quite intimidated by the thought since I didn’t participate in a swim team when I grew up. Melissa took my haphazard approach to working out and taught me how to train smartly. Through her well planned weekly work out logs, thorough and thoughtful coaching, and consistent enthusiasm I have become a triathlete. I also met an amazingly dedicated and supportive group of women who consistently inspired me as well as made me laugh.

    In the last year I have participated in: Marin Triathlon (Olympic distance), Vineman Triathlon (sprint distance), Escape from Alcatraz (Olympic distance), Big Kahuna (half ironman), and the Tiburon mile (open water race). Because of Melissa I have been able to improve all three sport disciplines, become knowledgeable in nutrition as well as sports gear, and continue to increase my fitness level and speed while staying injury free. Melissa is a fantastic coach!

    Spring 2010
  • trinow2_IMG_5427_2

    I wanted to try something more challenging than my everyday exercise routine, so I decided to do a triathlon. I joined the TriNow group and never looked back. It was challenging, but so much fun.  Melissa Lewis did a fantastic job preparing me for the races I picked. The whole training process was actually fun and I met a great group of women.  I will be joining the TriNow group again and can’t wait to get a few more races under my belt.

    Spring 2010
  • lisa

    I was always an athlete and I always admired the triathletes so much. It had been a dream of mine to complete an Olympic distance Tri before I was 40. Last year I did it! I joined TriNow in February and completed a Sprint triathalon in April and Olympic distance at Wildflower in May. The training was hard work, but so much fun. The group of ladies were all fantastic, supportive people. Melissa is a great coach. I felt really prepared for all of my events. I have recommended TriNow to many of my friends.

    Spring 2010
  • Hannah

    I have always wanted to do a Triathlon, but was not sure how to make it happen.  Melissa and her TriNow group took the mystery out of getting ready and made the training FUN!

    I soon realized that all I had to do was show up, and Melissa handled the rest! She advised us on what gear we would need, put together easy to follow weekly work out schedules, provided personalized training during our group workouts, researched all the available Triathlons in the season that we could chose from, totally prepared us for the race before hand, and coached us and cheered us on during race day.  I completed my first Triathlon in November 2010 thanks to TriNow, and I can’t wait to sign up for another one!

    Spring 2010
  • trinow2_IMG_5295

    A friend sent me the link to Melissa’s tri workouts. My girlfriend knew I liked to bike, I liked to run the dog, I liked to go to my Bay Club fitness classes. So I signed up with great eagerness to bump my fitness to the next level and lose the belly flub..  but also with a great deal of trepidation since I have never, ever entered a race and I’m almost 52 years old.

    Melissa is just an awesome woman.  She knows her stuff cold, but she is also just a pleasure to be with. When she heard that I didn’t think I was ready for the local upcoming triathlon after only 6 weeks of training, she said, “If you want to do it but are scared of the swim, (which I was!) I’ll get in the water and swim next to you.”  That’s the kind of coach she is.  She always makes you feel great about yourself, instills such confidence in your own abilities and supports you 100%.

    Melissa is there to teach you, to guide you and to help you fulfill your goals for yourself.  The group of women we train with are hilarious, supportive and non-competitive, although they rock as athletes in their own right.

    I’m having the time of my life and I don’t miss a session, period.  And I’m looking a tad bit better in that bathing suit!

    Spring 2010, first time triathlete
  • Melissa, you were so great out there by my side (during our open water swim). I couldn’t have done it without you. I started this training really to just to lose the hedgehog living on my stomach, but I am having such a great time with you and this great group of women and trying new stuff. THANK YOU!!!

    Spring 2010, first time triathlete
  • IMG_6636.JPG

    I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to workout with Melissa.  The TriNow training program increased my fitness level drastically.  The workouts were challenging and the coaching helped me become confident in all three sports.  It doesn’t get much better when you are outside in a beautiful environment training with a motivated group of people!  I can’t wait to start up again in the fall.

    Fall & Winter 2009 and Spring 2010
  • IMG_6838.JPG

    I gained confidence and experience with Melissa which allows me to better train on my own although it’s a lot more fun in her group.

    Spring 2009
  • The program helped me ramp up my level of workouts in a structured way that was also very enjoyable.  Normally, I wouldn’t make myself do a swim workout and then a bike ride!  Group effort always causes my commitment level to rise!

    Spring & Fall 2009
  • IMG_6660.JPG

    I was talked into doing this by a friend, we needed a goal and fitness structure to shed some “baby weight”.  It was the best thing I had done for myself in about 4 years!  I now have more energy and confidence in my ability! Melissa Lewis is an amazing coach who is capable of drawing out the inner athlete in anyone!

    I had a very positive experience and would do it again in a heartbeat.  I felt very prepared for the sprint triathlon and then some…

    Spring 2009
  • IMG_6640.JPG

    Melissa is a highly skilled and successful triathlete and yet has the ability to coach, encourage and develop all levels.  She takes pride in your successes and works with your challenges.  She has a very positive outlook.  Melissa is wonderful to work with and has a realistic approach to training.

    Fall & Winter 2009, Spring 2010
  • I really enjoyed participating in the TriNow Training Program.  It pushed me to do things I didn’t think I could do (like riding the Marin Headlands loop) in a friendly, supportive environment.  There was a lot of camaraderie among the participants and I found myself looking forward to being with everyone during the workouts.

    Spring 2009 & Spring 2010
  • I have loved every minute of our training together. I have such a sense of accomplishment. Thank you.  Please keep me on your future lists if you do more sessions.

    Spring 2009
  • Hannah

    (Melissa), you have been such an inspiration and such a wonderful and supportive coach! Always on top of it, up-beat and positive. I have truly loved training with you and all the other gals.

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