The TriNow program offers athletes the opportunity to:

•    Challenge youself and reach your fitness potential
•    Learn to cross train for a multi-sport event
•    Leave the gym and train outdoors
•    Make friends who will motivate and inspire you, and
•    Stay fit for life while having fun!


Open Water Swim Clinics are held during the fall and spring in Marin and at Aquatic Park, San Francisco to prepare athletes for upcoming events. Each clinic begins with a group meeting on the beach to cover open water swim strategies, stroke technique, race day prep and safety. The group swims in the Bay for approximately 30-40 minutes with one of the coaches in a kayak or SUP. The clinic wraps-up with a question and answer session. We want everyone one to feel comfortable and confident in the water to ensure that they have a successful race. Check the Calendar for dates & times.

Other Clinics & Workshops
  • Tri Transitions & Race Day Prep.
  • ChiRunning – how to improve your running technique and help you train injury free,
  • Sports Nutrition – how to fuel before, during and after your workout or race and maximize your performance as a result.

Contact us at for more information about these clinics or if there’s one you’re particularly interested in and don’t see listed.

One on One

Personal fitness training

Personal fitness training is designed with your needs and goals in mind.  We focus on core strength, mobility and flexibility. Then we build endurance and increase the level of intensity of the exercises over time. We emphasize using good form to minimize the risk of sports related injuries. This training will enhance your performance in all other sports as well as daily activities. We make fitness fun and dynamic whether training in the gym or outdoors.

Gym workouts are held at Presidio Sport & Medicine, 23 Reed Blvd, #100, Mill Valley. conveniently located next to the Strawberry Shopping Center.

Outdoor workouts are held at various locations in Larkspur, San Anselmo and Tiburon.

Personal Triathlon Coaching

Your training plan is customized to meet your needs and schedule to ensure you get results and achieve your race goals. Athletes receive weekly workout schedules that you follow on your own. They include swim, bike and run workouts as well as strengthening exercises. You’ll have an initial consultation with your coach to discuss your goals and schedule, evaluate your fitness level and race equipment. Then your coach checks-in with you regularly by phone to discuss your progress, answer questions and adjust your training plan as needed.

Contact us at and see how we can help you!

Group Triathlon Training

The TriNow Group Triathlon Training will resume in February, 2015. This is a periodized training program, which is designed to improve technique, cardio fitness, strength and endurance in each of the three disciplines; swim, bike and run. The goal is to get results by maximizing your performance and preparing you for a successful Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon.

You will receive a Weekly Training Plan and Log.  The Plan specifies your workout each day and provides details about the group workouts. There are two group workouts per week. The Training Log is for you to track your progress throughout the program. A variety of workshops are also offered to compliment your training related to open water swimming, bike maintenance, road biking skills, running technique and sports nutrition.

Workout Schedule: Two mornings per week for 2 ½ hrs. Specific days and times will be available in January 2015.

Location: Various locations around Central Marin including Larkspur, Tiburon, San Rafael, as well as Aquatic Park, San Francisco.

Periodized Training Plan

Phase 1: Training focuses on proper technique in each of the three sports to ensure that you are as efficient as possible and build overall fitness base and endurance.  All training workouts are outdoors. Swimming is in a pool and in the open water. Running is combined with boot camp fitness drills.  Biking is on a variety of scenic routes around Marin.

Phase 2: Training focuses on increasing the intensity and duration of workouts. It also covers specific race preparation including open water swims, transitions and race day strategy and nutrition to prepare you for either a Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon.

Phase 3: Recovery week following the race and a team victory ride and celebration.

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    No Fall 2011 Group Training.
    Look for details regarding Spring Training in early 2012.

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